Recommended dose: Adults: Two capsules twice a day before meals with a large glass of water or Citrus juice. A healthy diet, moderate exercise and plenty of water is recommended for any weight management program. Drink about six to eight glasses of water daily. Also, exercise can greatly enhance the effects of chitosan. Take fat-soluble vitamins such as Vitamin A, D, E, and K before or after 2 hours from taking this product.

Recommended Use or Purpose:

Helps lower blood total (and LDL) cholesterol.

Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Could be a complement to a healthy lifestyle that incorporates a calorie-reduced diet and regular physical activity for individuals involved in a weight management program.


CONTAINS NO: Dairy, egg, artificial preservatives, colors, artificial sweeteners, yeast, soya, or corn.

Store in a cool, dry place and away from sunlight.

Keep out of reach of children.

Packaging: 500 capsules

Made in Canada

New Premium Quality Chitosan!

High Efficient Chitosan

High efficient chitosan is a state-of-the-art product that is well known for its effects on boosting the immune system, lowering cholesterol, and reducing the risk of heart diseases.

Chitosan can also help lower blood pressure; promote the growth of friendly intestinal flora; eliminate toxins as well as heavy metals; encourage a healthier digestion; and maintain a clean bowel.

A detailed description of the benefits of chitosan is outlined below:

Immunopotentiation Activity (Strengthening Immune System)                 Chitosan functions as an agent that, when absorbed by the body, strengthens the immune system by reinvigorating all the bodily functions.

Antitumor Activity                                                                                                  Chitosan not only inhibits tumor growth and reduces the final tumor weight but also enhances the Natural Killer (NK) activity. Chitosan is known to enhance the cytotoxic activity against tumor cells.

Cholesterol Reduction Activity (Fat Removing Activity)                              Chitosan is a lipophilic and is thus chemically attracted to fat. This is because chitosan has an unstable amino polysaccharide molecule which has a strong polarity. The amino polysaccharide molecule’s positive end attracts and binds with any particle that has a negative charge. This allows chitosan to capture and inactivate lipids, fats, and cholesterol; thus, preventing absorption and subsequent storage by the body. Chitosan will also bond with excess bile to prevent fatty acids from becoming absorbed and helps to maintain a healthy level of blood-cholesterol and neutral fats. Chitosan is actively involved in reducing the total cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body.

Weight Control Activity                                                                                        Chitosan can produce dramatic results in helping individuals reach desirable weights. Chitosan provides a natural way of weight loss on top of other wonderful health benefits.

Detoxification Activity

Chitosan not only effectively neutralizes fats but also acts as a sponge for toxins. Chitosan can strongly absorb heavy metals and eliminate them from the body.

Anti-Bacterial Activity                                                                                            Chitosan acts as an anti-bacterial agent when they merge with the cellular membranes of bacteria and enabling them from multiplying. Chitosan exhibits a strong ability to kill candida, an yeast-like fungi that causes athlete’s foot, thrush, vaginitis and other bodily infections.

Other benefits

Chitosan can reduce fat and sugar concentration in the blood.

Chitosan prevents toxic fungal growth and lowers putridity in the human intestine.

Chitosan raises the quality and quantity of cellulose in the body.

Chitosan has been found to increase the bioavailability of calcium (Calcium is more readily absorbed by the body)

Chitosan can help prevent bone loss.


In summary, High Efficient CHITOSAN GOLD can help you:

* Achieve a healthy weight

* Reduce cholesterol levels

* Reduce the risk of heart diseases

* Maintain an optimal blood pressure

* Enhance absorption of calcium and strengthen bones

* Heal ulcers and lesions

* Fight tumors

* Reduce risk of cancer

* Decrease LDL (bad cholesterol) levels

* Improve HDL (good cholesterol) levels

* Provide safe dietary fiber

* Contain no caloric value

* Reduce uric acid levels in the blood stream

* Control constipation by providing a source of safe dietary fibre

* Maintain a healthy bowel system