“The Science Of Human Health And Nutrition”

QualityLab is dedicated to the science of human health and nutrition. Our corporate partnerships, industry associations and our Scientific Advisory Board cooperate to deliver innovative product ideas, provide valuable insight into product applications, and promote health and wellbeing. By integrating and networking with numerous experts, professionals and specialists we are able to locate better raw materials, research scientific evidence, clinical studies and manufacture safe and effective products.

We source all quality raw materials from our vast network of suppliers across the world to ensure accountability from suppliers and to get access to the best in the market. By maximizing organic content and minimizing excipients, every ingredient is carefully selected and tested for identity, purity and efficacy prior to approval.

All QualityLab products are designed as a result of evidence-based and scientifically researched formulations in the role of nutritional supplements in preventing disease and maintaining good health throughout one’s lifetime. Our products are formulated with efficacy and quality as the prime factor, and manufactured using the most advanced production technologies to ensure maximum bio-availability of the formula. We develop products based on the guidance of our Scientific Advisory Board, extensive market research, current demographic and census studies, as well as customer needs and concerns.

We have partnered with universities and other research groups in our effort to expand the scientific knowledge required for developing proprietary products and processes, with a core research focus in natural products and medicinal plants.

Research & Development

  • Develop therapeutically improved products
  • Find new uses for existing products
  • Replace existing synthetic treatments with natural medicines
  • Identify raw materials with higher concentrations of active compounds
  • Identify better consistency of raw materials
  • Lower processing and material costs

Manufacturing & Quality Control