Testimonials (Dia Gold)

Dia Gold

New Comprehensive Herbal Formula for Active Living!

I have Type 2 diabetes and poor circulation, which was causing my feet to swell anytime I stood or walked for more than 15 or 20 minutes. I’ve been taking QualityLab Dia Gold for 3 months now and this problem seems to be a thing of the past. I am going to take this product continuously. 

Victoria Kritikos
Fremont, CA USA

I am a diabetic and the QualityLab Dia Gold has greatly improved the circulation in my legs. I have a lot more energy now.

Lorretta Faith
Niagara Falls, NY USA

I’ve been a Type 2 diabetic for over 10 years. I went through the same problems as most diabetics do, lack of circulation in the left leg, neuropathy cramping of the muscles in the legs and feet. The feet are the worst when they cramp up in the arch of the foot, you have never felt such pain in your life. A few years ago, I scratched the front of the right leg on a rose bush while cleaning up the yard. This little scratch became infected and even though I cleaned and disinfected it, It wouldn’t heal. It just kept getting more and more infected. When it seemed to me that it wasn’t healing, I went to a doctor. The diagnosis was to further treat it with some different antibiotic cream. This went on for 4 months where I returned to the doctor everyday to have the bandages removed and cleaned. When he felt he couldn’t do anything more for me, he recommended me to the diabetics wound center. A year later, the wound got bigger and it went into the bone and started to smell. The doctor told me that they did all they could for me, and advised me that the next step would be to amputate the leg. I obviously didn’t want that to happen. They continued to call the house for me to make an appointment to go to the hospitalfor the surgery. I decided I didn’t want to go through all that. Soon after, there was a turn of events. My wife and I were introduced QualityLab Dia Gold. When I first saw the product, I wasn’t very impressed. I started taking it and in the 4th week, my leg started itching. I unwrapped the wound and saw that it was all scabbed over and had started to heal. It is now a year later and my leg is all healed and I have no more cramps in my feet. As far as I am concerned, QualityLab Dia Gold saved my leg and gave me back the life I wanted to live.

Jim F.Corcoran
Monterey, CA USA

I first bought a bottle of QualityLab Dia Gold this summer at a health food store in Los Angeles. The owner of the store said that QualityLab Dia Gold had great benefit on diabetic symptoms, particularly with neuropathy and foot pain. Before starting QualityLab Dia Gold I was experiencing severe pain in both my legs and feet. The worst thing was it was getting progressively worse as I could feel the effects of the neuropathy creeping up both legs towards my knees. It was starting to appear in my fingers as well. Frankly, I was worried because I had other problems too, which could all be attributed to the diabetes. After taking QualityLab Dia Gold for 4 weeks, I noticed the pain in my legs and feet had all disappeared. So had the creeping neuropathy between my knees and ankles and my sore toe healed right up. Two other sores in the middle of my back, which I had been suffering for months, also healed. Stomach and Intestinal gas, which caused discomfort within a few hours after meals, had also disappeared. My bowel movements went from strained and irregular to normal. By the end of the 8 weeks, I felt more vigorous than I had in years. The neuropathy in my hands was all gone too. It has now been 6 months and I have the feeling back in every single toe on both feet. The right foot is better than the left one but I can pick up marbles with either foot now. I can sense hot and cold in every toe as well. What is most incredible is that my sugars have been consistently within the normal range for days now. This is a real coup for me! I did not intend to lose weight, but I have dropped 3 pounds! QualityLab Dia Gold has far exceeded my expectations! I recommend it to everyone.

Stephanny Caron
Fresno, CA USA

I am diabetic with neuropathy in my feet and venous insufficiency in both ankles. By taking QualityLab Dia Gold, the circulation is improving and the burning sensation is almost gone. My diabetic ulcer has healed and my eye problems have improved.

Mary Wilson
Modesto, CA USA

After 4 weeks of taking QualityLab Dia Gold, the circulation in my legs has improved. The ulcer on my right heel, which I have had for 15 months, is almost completely healed. My legs are no longer swollen, and I can walk further than ever. My eye  problem has improved, and I feel much better overall.

Darrel Chang
Santa Rosa, CA USA

I just want to let you know that after one month taking QualityLab Dia Gold, I have been able to cut my insulin intake nearly in half. I have been an insulin dependent diatetic for about 10 years.Thanks so much!

Roy Lee
Long Beach, CA USA