Testimonials (Bee Propolis)

Bee Propolis

The Miracle of Nature! A Powerful Natural Antibiotic!

Since I took QualityLab Bee Propolis capsules , I haven’t caught a cold for more than 2 years. It’s really nice for keeping health and preventing epidemic disease I guess. I love your high quality Propolis. Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Kilby Tobin.
St. Louis, MO USA

I have started QualityLab Bee Propolis capsules orally for a stomach ulcer and the results have been amazing – instant relief and after two days no more stomach discomfort.

Tom Campbell
Fresno, CA USA

After years of suffering and ALWAYS ending up with severe sinus infections due to allergies, I have finally gotten relief by QualityLab Bee Propolis capsules. I’ve been taking QualityLab Bee Propolis capsules for almost 6 months and it’s amazing! I have no more sinus allergy, so no more pills or shots needed.

Jeff Eviston
Anaheim CA USA

I can’t say enough about your QualityLab Bee Propolis capsules. I tried and tested your products this past year while working in very wet, damp areas in the Caribbean, around lakes, ponds, swamps,and waterways “without” a drop of infection or colds. The majority of my staff was hampered by daily coughs, runny noses and a whole bunch of stuff I dare not speak of. However, I thank you for your products and I will continue to reorder as much as I need to.

Anita Jeffbenna.
Missoula MT USA

I have been a steady user of your QualityLab Bee Propolis capsules for nearly 5 years now. I get sick less often, and the illnesses are always shorter in duration and less severe than in years past. I have not been sick with anything in the last two years. No colds, flu or anything else. Thanks.

John Lucks
Pittsburg, PA USA

My left knee used to swell due to gout. Though the knee is not swollen all the time, I have problems sitting properly and sleeping through the night. Recently I was introduced to QualityLab Bee Propolis capsules. After 2 days taking Propolis, my knee is getting better and I can sit and sleep well. It’s a truly magnificent product.

Austin Mak
Sherbrook ON CANADA

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I have been taking QualityLab Bee Propolis capsules for two weeks now and I started feeling a difference after a week. I have felt a difference in my joints (they are not as stiff or swollen), and I move better. Thank You.

Edmund Gibson
McAllen TX USA