Testimonials (Albumin Gold)

Albumin Gold

Health, Strength and Stamina!

For several years, I have used the QualityLab Albumin Gold. I am very happy with the superior quality of the product. Since using QualityLab Albumin Gold, my health has improved substantially and I sincerely recommend it to others.

Jim Witt
Concord, NH USA

I am deeply grateful and happy with your amazing QualityLab product line! I am a true believer in your products. Throughout the past four years, I have found the supplements manufactured by QualityLab to make a world of difference with my health. Albumin Gold is a great source of protein that increases my energy level and a great way to start my day. I have even taken it with me on trips! I was able to heal from a liver tumor successfully with great energy levels. I again thank you for the quality.

Wayne Raffo.
Johnstown, PA USA

As you know, we have been using QualityLab Products for several years and have been very satisfied with the products, feeling in excellent health with robust energy. Recently my wife had a baby and she takes Albumin Gold daily. Her pregnancy went very smooth with moderate food cravings and she maintained very good energy levels. Her monthly checkups were all excellent. Her weight gain was moderate, progressive and evenly distributed during the pregnancy. What was really dramatic was the excellent condition the baby was in at birth. The nurses and doctors raved at his excellent skin color and overall health. Later, several maternity nurses told us that a 10 IB is a very rare score for babies and some had never even seen one. To this day, our baby’s skin color, health and energy levels are excellent. His strength, coordination and learning ability has always been advanced and nothing short of amazing.

Peter Laurent.
Salt Lake City, UT USA

I lead a very busy life. I am a mother of a 5 year old, run a hardware store putting in 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. With QualityLab Albumin Gold I have the energy to maintain this hectic pace. It has been such a positive force in my life that well over 30 members of my family and close friends now use QualityLab Albumin Gold as part of their daily routine.

Michele Krause
Fresno, CA USA

I have been a steady customer of QualityLab products for the past few years. I feel confident that the quality is superior to other products I have tried, such as those from health food stores. The products that I have used consistently from QualityLab are; Albumin Gold and Squalene. Both of these products have helped me significantly with my energy levels.

Jacob Mah
Laredo, TX USA