All-In-One Formula for Growth, Strength, and Intelligence!

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All-In-One Formula for Growth, Strength, and Intelligence!

GH Gold, a natural human growth hormone (HGH)-releasing formula, helps release biologically active hormones that affect peripheral cellular receptors, and thus, cell growth. GH Gold helps increase thymus hormone secretion in older animals and humans, partially reversing the immunodeficiency of aging.
GH Gold may work by fooling the body into thinking it needs to produce more HGH and supplying important materials to the body, thereby starting production of HGH in the pituitary gland. Over time, this leads to an overall increase in HGH levels.
GH Gold is a unique and precise blend of key ingredients that work synergistically.
HGH is produced by the anterior pituitary gland located in the human brain, and it contains 191 amino acids.
HGH has an impact on many major processes of the human body. For instance, HGH stimulates growth; increases energy levels, metabolism, tissue repair, cell regeneration, and immune system function, while also enhancing the integrity of hair, nails, skin, and vital organs.
HGH levels influence just about every important process your body undergoes.

Some of the possible benefits of increased HGH levels include:

* Promoting overall bodily growth. The effectiveness of GH Gold in releasing growth hormone may provide the young with optimal growth.
* Slowing down the aging process. Researches have proven that by stimulating the pituitary gland to produce more HGH, the signs of aging can be reversed.
* Improving skin texture and reducing wrinkles. Skin tone and texture is improved dramatically with continued use. In scientific studies, HGH has been shown to smooth and improve skin texture, and diminish wrinkles.
* Restoring hair color.
* Reducing body fat.
* Sharpening memory.
* Restoring vigor and strength as well as increasing energy levels.
* Increasing lean muscle mass-to-fat ratio that results in firm and toned muscles.
* Increasing performance and endurance.
* Boosting the immune system.
* Improving bone density.
* Accelerating the healing of wounds, including improving tissue repair.
* Enhancing overall feeling of wellbeing (looking younger).
* Enhancing the integrity of hair, nails, and vital organs.

Recommended Use or Purpose:
Source of/Provides antioxidants.
L-Arginine is a non-essential amino acid that is involved in protein synthesis.


Recommended dose: Adults, take 1-3 capsules daily or directed by a physician or health professional.

Caution: This product should not be taken by children under 5 years old.

Packaging: 200 capsules

Made in Canada